Stephen MacLeod is a husband and loving father to two beautiful children. He grew up in the Haldimand-Norfolk riding just south of Hamilton and moved to the area almost 5 years ago with his family. They were looking for a better way of life to raise their children and they found it with the amazing people and in the beautiful area of the Timmins-James Bay riding.

Growing up, Stephen’s parents were the kind of people that would bend over backwards to help someone in need, and it has continued on in everything Stephen himself does to this day. His passion is to help others, and he has done so many times with the different careers he’s held, including sales, management and as a commercial driver.

Stephen is a boots-on-the-ground kind of guy, who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty right along side of you. He’s one of the people who’s ready to fight for people no matter their race, sexual orientation, or social status.

Like many others, Stephen is tired of hearing the same rhetoric over and over again from the old establishment political parties. Each party seems to say almost the same thing, just in a different way, and they all try to buy your votes ..with things like no federal tax for the month of December. “Face it, most women and many men, already have their Christmas shopping done long before December!”

Stephen, along with the People’s Party of Canada, believe that each one of us is unique, important and valuable, and as such, we believe that we as a riding, and a country, need to unite and stay STRONG and FREE!!

Stephen and the PPC stand firm on these 4 core values:
Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.

Stephen joined the PPC because he saw in our leader, Maxime Bernier, a man who is unshakable on his level-headed beliefs and his word, and does not waver or flip flop around depending on the crowd he’s with. If you are ready for a real change, a sensible change with a clear plan for the future, join Stephen and vote for the People’s Party of Canada on September 20th this year.

Stephen wants to encourage you, that if you believe in our values and platform, please support his campaign by becoming a member and making a tax deductible donation.

We can not do this without your support and your VOICE!

We invite you to browse our website and
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