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Renaud Roy

     Born and raised in Iroquois Falls, during my formative years I grew up on a farm. I’ve learned very young the value of hard work, and I would always take pride in the way I performed my duties. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of personal satisfaction of a job well done.


     From 1984 to 1997, I worked for the recreation department of the Town of Iroquois Falls. It involved an interaction with the general public and maintenance work. Once again, I took pride in making good quality ice for skating, pleasant ball fields etc.


     In the winter of ’97, I went to live in the country of Romania, where I have founded a non-governmental charitable organization called “The Bridge of Hope”. Beside acquainting myself with a new culture and learning a new language, I had to adjust to a mentality forged by a society that had suffered some 40 years under Communism. What a contrast with the peacefulness of my little town! However, my time in Romania provided me with rich personal experiences and a unique insight into the ideology of socialism/communism.


At a first encounter, the idealism and utopian dream of these philosophies may appear to be something worth pursuing, but the harsh reality is that the State is never the best agent to alleviate socioeconomic suffering. It gives it too much power, and power corrupts. If society is to be good, kind, and generous, it's not by imposing such virtues or forcing them with excessive taxation. It has to start in the hearts of residents, families, and neighbors within communities.


     Why am I running for politics? It has not been my dream, nor my pursuit. To be honest and objective, when I compare the Canada that I temporarily left behind in 1997 with the one we live in today, I have to ask myself “How in the world did we ever get here”? In every direction that I look, I see more and more government control, denial of basic charter rights and freedoms, and an ever-growing monster of a government that lords these over its citizens. What Romanians demanded in the revolution of December 1989 was one thing only – FREEDOM! For this they faced the army with its guns and tanks, and many perished in the process. The State was unwilling to let its people go free.


I want to stand as a watchman on the wall and sound the trumpet at the sound and sight of incoming imminent danger. As is often the case with statist ideologies, the degradation of human rights and individuality are very slow and subtle, but as certain as death. Why would we surrender so easily what others have fought for and died to secure? The State needs to be reminded and told in no uncertain terms that it exists solely to serve the PEOPLE and not the other way around. Let them call me alarmist, but all those who know what real socialism is know very well that what I am sharing is true.


     Why the People’s Party? The answer is right there in the name! We want to put every individual Canadian back at the center of all government actions and policies and of his/her freedoms, in as much as possible, including the right to own what you make and earn. The state needs to pull back its tentacles from micro managing our personal lives and our communities. We trust Canadians are more than capable and willing to take care of themselves, their families, communities, and other fellow Canadians. The PPC has the best platform, by far, to accomplish this vision.


NO to globalism, NO to excessive taxation, NO to violating our fundamental rights of speech, conscience, association, religion, and self-determination.

YES to individual freedom and personal responsibility, YES to fairness and respect for all Canadians.